About DLExpert

DLExpert is a multi-thread resuming downloading software. It makes full use of the resources of the client and the server to download files from Internet at the fastest rate available. DLExpert’s powerful multi-thread function makes it download different parts of the same file simultaneously. Namely it can divide the file into parts. Each part will be downloaded by one thread, so different parts can be downloaded simultaneously. DLExpert supports HTTP and FTP, also HTTP and FTP proxy. Its function of auto-dial, auto-hang up, schedule downloading and auto-shutdown make it convenient and quick to download files.

In order to protect your personal data as well as the information downloaded from the Internet, we use special cell phone monitoring software. We take care of our clients’ safety and set it as our top priority. That’s why using services by DLExpert, you can be sure of the highest possible quality and total security.

Cell phone monitoring software also can be used as anti-theft tools for the mobile devices as it enables GPS-tracking, so you can find the lost device, wipe the SD card of the stolen device and disable SIM card change. Do not forget about the possibility to remotely lock the target device, make it ring a loud alarm so you will be able to find it and block apps or certain websites.

Our partners

  • Pumpic smartphone monitoring software for iOS and Android devices.
  • Sanger Institute article on how to protect your personal data on the Internet.

DLExpert is a perfect tool for enhancing the quality of downloads and achieving the best possible downloading speed as it optimizes the whole procedure. This makes our software particularly popular among reliable paper writing services as they must ensure that their customers do get the entire paper they had ordered, not just a part of it. With the support of the most popular platforms and proxy servers, this software is an ideal choice for those who want to get a great experience from downloading.