Apps that Fasten Downloading for Mac OS

Long gone are the days when downloading of large file with help of usual build-in browser was equal to heroic deed of the past. Today usual downloader of any browser is able to download big files without delays thanks to great speed provided by the Internet providers and stable Internet connection.

Of course, there is a possibility to use PC and browse through the Internet without downloading manager, however, there are programs that allow you to receive files much faster as they use all possibilities of the speed and connection of the Internet.

Here are the most efficient and helpful download managers created for Mac OS:


This Java-based download manager works on Mac, Windows and Linux. With its help you can schedule downloads, and the tool also allows you to get access to top 100 file sharing sites, so you can find literally anything as well as several useful utilities including unarchiving plugin.


It is an add-on for Firefox and it is one of the main reasons why many users select Firefox as a main browser. With help of this tool it is possible to assign speed and gather all downloading links from the webpage.

Folx Download Manager

Folx, one of the most popular premium download managers for Mac OS X, has a little brother – a free version. Some of the features you’ll get in the Pro version (RSS support, torrent search) will be missing, but most of the downloading goodness is left intact with some small limitations.

Folx integrates with most popular Mac OS X browsers to catch your links, including Opera, Firefox, Flock and all WebKit browsers like Safari and Google Chrome. It’s one of the most extensive free download managers for Mac OS X.

Folx works like a charm for categorizing downloads using tags or smart groups. Using the free version, you can use up to two connections to the same server, whereas the Pro version supports up to ten. This is obviously the biggest limitation on the free version, but speeds are nevertheless very manageable; I was still able to reach speeds of up to 4 MB/s, which nears my connection’s maximum. You can still limit your download speeds manually, albeit with an old-fashioned upper bound of 1 MB/s.

Check out Jeffry’s full giveaway review from 2011, and his guide on how to Optimize Torrent Downloading on Your Mac with Folx.

What download manager makes the top of your list? Perhaps you even favor a wholly different application! Let us know in the comment what download manager gets your vote, and why.