сDownload Manager Apps for Android: Best Free Options

 сDownload Manager Apps for Android

Let us be frank here: your standard Android browser is slow, and downloading is even slower. Still sure there is no other way? Or you are finally ready for faster and more convenient downloading on your device? Then take a look and the following five download manager apps.

It seems like Download Manager software (yes, there are similar programs for your computer) was designed for people who have slow Internet/device. What they do is they break files into smaller parts and download them all at once. The additional feature we dream about in standard downloading is resuming the broken downloads so you will not have to start them again and waste your time and nerves.

There are more than five options you can use when it comes to download management apps. But we’ve reviewed five we like the most – feel free to look up for more, but we suggest you start with these first.

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  1. Easy Downloader Pro

Are you having troubles with downloading multiple files to your Android device? Easy Downloader Pro is an effective tool to help you with this problem. It can deal with several large files of any type or numerous small files you want to download, plus it organizes your files in the order – quite convenient, right?

Easy Downloader Pro supports all the popular browsers, and you can download files using Share Link option or just copy and paste the link to the app. It also has multiple protocols enabling multiple file types. You can pause and resume downloads whenever you wish, and cute progress bar allows you to keep an eye on the download.

  1. Advanced Download Manager

This manager was created specifically for Android platform which means it works really well on any Android device. This application splits the files into three parts and offers various downloading speeds for each separate part. You can easily choose the highest speed for every bit – this will make the download much faster.

And don’t you worry about the Internet connection – the app will automatically resume the download once the lost connection is back. It supports browsers like Stock Browser, Chrome, Dolphin, and Boat Browser, and also has the built-in browsers for all the indirect links.

ADM stores the files onto your SD card, and it also has some cute looking widget for your screen.

  1. Download Manager for Android

The clean and simple interface of Download Manager for Android is a pleasure to your eye and real help for your downloads. It supports larger files (up to 2Gb) and divides them into smaller parts to get the most of your connection. It can be paused and resumed manually, and you can even use it to download web page history.

They promise three times faster download speed and voice search for the files, which is quite a cool feature for all the smartphone users.

  1. Loader Droid Download Manager

This one supports any type of downloads including videos and apps, and like ADM it accelerates the download speed for all the three fragments it divides the files into. It has the same features previous apps are offering. It recognizes the links in browsers and pauses/resumes automatically when there is connection loss/renewal.

  1. Turbo Download Manager

The name says it all – Turbo Download Manager boosts the download speed up to five times and for such impressive speed it uses multiple HTTP connections. The app offers you the choice of speed for each part of the file, and you can even modify the buffer size to customize the app to your needs. Also, Turbo Download Manager has no limitations for the file sizes – you can download literally any file, even movies if you feel like it.

So, if you are interested in speeding up the downloading on your smartphone, you now have 5 options to choose from. Have fun and no lags on your favorite device!