How Can a Mac User Make the Downloads and Setup of Apps

Here you can find a lot of useful information about helpful technologies, tools and software. Browsing through the Internet you can find the software at various websites, however, even the most useful piece of technology may be stored on the site filled with malware and viruses.

Specific Tips to Implement to Protect Your Computer

Here is a set of tips how to secure the download and setup of the free software taken from different sites.

  • Trust your intuition. Do not download anything from the links received via email or IM chat, unless you trust the source.
  • Use antivirus software and constantly update it in order to ensure the security of the device.
  • Download the software from the curated software lists. Use the knowledge gathered by other people to visit only reliable and secured sites. However, when it concerns freeware software you have to select the least-worth place from several bad options.
  • It is essential to get acquainted with the terms freeware, trialware and commercial. Freeware means that the software is free to use. Trialware means that the chosen software will be free for certain period of time and after that you will have to pay for it to continue using. Commercial software requires payment before you can use it. Though today most commercial software have trial periods.
  • When you download software for free it doesn’t mean that the software will be free. It is a trick of software makers that have an intention to confuse the users. Usually low quality software uses such tricks leaving the users no chance but to pay for the service. So check the description of the software to make sure that it is a freeware.
  • Do not fall for Download Advertisements. If you see huge Download buttons, do not click them as usually they lead to advertisement pages that have no useful information at all.
  • Search for the real download button – it will be a way smaller and placed somewhere near the name of the file.
  • Do not use “Installers” and “Download Managers”. Sometimes unfaithful owners of the sites wrap free software in the program called installer and get money for that.