Here Is What to Choose If You Are Using Mac OS X!

Some users require something more customized and productive than default download Mac OSX manager. Here you will find several great Download managers that can improve your workflow.

Internet downloading requires high speed of connection in case if you want to download voluminous files without problems. However, even if you have low speed, there is a possibility to receive big files without need to restart the whole process after connection failure. Download managers enable users to pause and resume downloads, automatically reestablishes communication with web and proceeds the downloading process from the point where it was interrupted. More than that, Internet download managers also can boost the speed of downloading by using parallel servers for one download.

7 Best Download Managers for Your Mac:

  1. Folx

This manager is free and user-friendly that makes the whole process easy and entertaining. Just click the link in the web browser and everything else will be done for you.

  1. Speed Download Lite

This tool can serve as an example of ideal download manager – it has all essential features needed and even more.

  1. Download Accelerator Plus

This manager is considered to be the top one worldwide as it proposes a possibility to download files up to 300% faster. DAP is also well-known for the helpful resume support, error recovery and reliability.

  1. Jdownloader

This internet Downloader client proposes some extra features like auto-extracting archives, not to mention all common features of download managers.

  1. iGetter

This fully-fledged manager enhances the quality of downloading and gives a possibility to hang-up and shut down on completion of the process.

  1. GameTree Download Manager

This manager was specially created for games downloading.

  1. Leech

This light weight download manager gives a possibility to download files from password-protected servers and stores your passwords.