What Are Some of the Best Downloading Managers?

In general, users conceive the process of downloading as a series of activities – Click the link – Wait for finish. Still many downloading processes can be interrupted due to the issues with the Internet. As a result, the file will be broken and all the user can do with it – is to delete it.

If you have really fast speed of downloading, then download failure will not be frustrating – you will have to restart the downloading and wait for a couple of minutes. However, with low Internet speed the necessity to repeat downloading again and again is nerve-wrecking. That is why usage of download managers could be a sound solution as they support resume.

As long as the server where the file is stored supports the usage of download managers, there will be a possibility to download the file even when the Internet connection fails. As a result, the download would continue from the place where it was interrupted. Enhanced download managers enable users to take an advantage of download acceleration and scheduling.

World’s Preferred Downloading Managers


On the one hand, this manager doesn’t include browser extensions but it uses Windows clipboards to pick the file links. The manager proposes multiple download threads and checks the size of the files.


This tool can be used as portable download manager and installer. The manager integrates into web browser, still, the process of downloading here is very simple: just copy the file link to the clipboard and everything else will be done for you. The manager can also limit speed of downloading, schedule and batch downloads.


This Linux download manager works well with Windows OS and gives more control over the process of downloading: it is possible to select the number of retries and periods of time between retries, limit the speed and add authentication information.

GetGo Download Manager

This manager goes with the built-in browser and in most of cases this option is unnecessary. Via clipboard this tool pick up all downloads. The manager has all common features of this kind of software.