Top 7 Download Managers Created for Linux

Everyone knows that it is possible to download files from the Internet using web browser. However, usage of specific tools, called download managers, to get necessary content from the web, has several advantages:

  • A possibility to pause downloading of bulky files
  • If the connection was broken during the download, it will be resumed and not started again
  • It is possible to download files even when connection is poor and the speed is low
  • Mirroring is available
  • You can schedule download
  • You can speed up downloading speed

Here are several download managers that work on Linux OS:


This manager enables multiple downloads and has several improved features like systray icon.


This utility is a must for those users who have slow or unstable connection to the web. It uses http(s) and ftp and works in a background. One of the peculiar features of this utility is that it will automatically retrieve a new version of the downloaded file if some changes have been made. Due to support of proxy servers so the retrieval will be faster. There is no need to install it to Ubuntu, as it is a default download manager there.


Axel works with all unix-like OS, and proposes acceleration of downloading process creating several connections for one file. It is a command-line downloader and it is as light as a utility can be: 25-30k in binary form.


Open-source download manager that can work on windows XP, Linux and Mac OS with a possibility to enhance downloading speed.


User-friendly cross-platform file downloader that supports multitasking, multi-threading on multi-server and resumes downloading.


This command-line manager proposes resuming and segmented downloading to improve the speed.


Great utility that enables to manage transfers: add, remove, resume, pause or queue them.