What Is DLExpert and What You Can Do with It

DLExpert is a multi-thread resuming downloading software. It make full use of resource of the client and the server to download files from Internet at the most speedy rate. DLExpert’s powerful multi-thread function makes it download different parts of the same file simultaneously. Namely it can divide the file into any parts, at most more than 100 parts(NOT ONLY 5 OR 6 PARTS). Each of them will be downloaded by one thread,so different parts can be downloaded simultaneously, make speedy of downloading very quick. DLExpert supports HTTP and FTP, also HTTP and FTP proxy. Its function of auto-dial,auto-hangup,schedule downloading and auto-shutdown make it convenient and quick to download files. 

DLExpert Features

  • Simultaneously download HTTP files, support authority file.
  • Simultaneously download FTP files, support anonymous user and non-anonymous user.
  • Simultaneously download different parts of same file.(Need server support)
  • Divide file into any parts.There are two ways to divide,one is divide fixed parts,the other is divide according to a certain size.(Need server support)
  • Divide thread job in downloading process,”split method”. It make rate keep quick in whole download process.(Need server support)
  • Support resuming. If you don’t finish last time, DLExpert will continue downloading rest parts.
  • Support HTTP and FTP Proxy ,and support authority proxy.
  • Auto-dial and auto-hangup 
  • Schedule downloading
  • Auto-shutdown when finish
  • Files can be saved in different folders according to their surfixes
  • Auto-run virus killer when finish a job
  • Use sounds to report events
  • Add URL from a file.